Young Changemakers Award 2015

The Tuanku Bainun Young Changemakers Award was established in 2015 and is held annually in the month of November to coincide with Universal Children’s Day.

The award was created to recognize the contributions of the young to their communities. The movement was also initiated to increase awareness and stimulate interest in the strategic value of exemplary young people doing good. It is a platform to recognize and celebrate children in Malaysia who are doing amazing things. These extraordinary children’s work not only inspires their peers but adults alike.

The awards has grown with more submissions from all over the country. As part of this programme, nationwide changemaking workshops, a children summit and workshops conducted by children for children are organized. Remarkable projects and individuals are nominated based on their projects and initiatives that are aimed to champion peace, safety, justice and equality; eradicate poverty and hunger; preserve and develop sustainable cities and communities; care for the environment and prevent pollution; and develop community through economy and humanity.

10 finalist are shortlisted to present their projects during the award ceremony and three were voted for to receive The Tuanku Bainun Youngchangemakers Award 2018. In 2018, a new Special Mention category was conceived to recognize the Young Changemakers Advocate, the champion adult who has been enabling, supporting and consistently motivating the children to be better role models to their peers.

The recipients for the inaugural Young Changemakers Awards 2015 were:

  • Leah Choy Sze Qin
  • Firdaus Ahmad Farouk
  • Loh Shi Ya
Leah Choy Sze Qin
Loh Shi Ya
Firdaus Ahmad Farouk