Open Day – Tirai 2017

Showcase – Tirai (13th Jan 2017)

The children have worked hard and diligently throughout 2016, culminating in a poignant and meaningful showcase held for the first time at the KuAsh Theatre. The KuAsh Theatre was filled to the brim with parents, family, children, caretakers, guardians, sponsors, donor and stakeholder of the company.

Open Day

Open day was held on the same day with the Showcase-Tirai. The purpose of the Open Day is to launch our program for 2017. Activities conducted were Drum Circle, Gamelan by Rapsodi (our in-house Gamelan Players), Arts & Crafts, Creative Storytelling, Baking and Sewing.

The activities were teasers to what we will offer in our semester programmes. Many parents and children participated in each of the activities.

20 children from Rumah Amal Suci Rohani attended this Open Day and OrphanCare Foundation took up a booth to promote their organisation. Amongst the booths opened that day were the henna design, drinks, food trucks and jewelleries.