[EXTENDED DUE DATE] ACE 2021 is Back! Write & Illustrate Competition

ACE 2021, Write & Illustrate Competition is back! The theme for this year’s competition is “Facing a New World/ Menghadapi Dunia Baru”.

This is the 6th consecutive year Malaysian Invention & Design Society – MINDS is running this competition. We are excited to be a part of ACE 2021 for the second year.

Register and submit your Writing & Illustration by the extended due date, 29th March 2021. This competition is open to Primary, Secondary & Tertiary students.

Click on the button below for the Terms & Conditions, Rules & Regulations and Entry Forms and Registration Fee details or contact MINDS at 03-7118 2066/64 or email minds.secretariat@gmail.com


The Malaysian Invention and Design Society (MINDS), founded in 1986, is the largest body in the country representing individuals, universities and companies who pursue excellence in invention, creativity, innovation, research and development, and industrial design.

Responsible for promoting high standards of invention and design, MINDS aims to foster professionalism and encourage continuing professional development among its members.

Its flagship, the International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition (ITEX), has become an international platform for local and international inventors as well as research scientists to not only exhibit their inventions and innovations to the business community but also to commercialize their unique inventions.

With wealth and knowledge creation through innovation as the key national agenda to transforming the nation, the importance of developing creative thinking has become more pertinent and crucial.

As such, MINDS is interested to explore other means of inculcating creativity and subsequently, innovation, i.e. through the Arts. Thus, was born the Art and Creativity Exhibition (ACE) in 2015. We would like to expand the scope of ACE2021 Competition by adding Bahasa Malaysia.