Indian Dance

There are many types of Indian dance however thanks to the growing popularity of Bollywood movies, Bollywood dance has become the forefront of introducing Indian dance culture to the world. The mix of modern and classical dance moves accompanied with upbeat Bollywood music is a fun way to immerse oneself in this popular Indian cultural dance.


About the programme

In our Indian Dance class, students get to learn and practise exciting Bollywood dance moves, trained by our professional Indian dance instructor. Students will be able to recreate steps to famous Bollywood songs while building confidence and stamina to complete an entertaining and fun dance choreography. 

*Indian Dance is only available as a Sponsored programme.

Details of the Sponsored Programme

Age Group
9 to 17 years old
Max participants
15 pax
Programme Commitment
6 - 12 months
Studio 1, PKK Tuanku Bainun
Sponsored by
Our community partners (e.g Yayasan Hasanah)
Starting Date & Time
Varies by intake

(please indicate your interest by emailing