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Below are a list of all our programmes and events.

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Open Day – Tirai 2019

TIRAI 2019: THE LEGEND OF BIDASARI & SHOWCASE Over 200 children and youth participated in our annual showcase and charity bazaar, Tirai 2019: The Legend of Bidasari & Showcase by Alam Kreatif. The annual showcase celebrated our childrens’ journey and achievements. It was a culmination of what children have learned over their 1-year programme. This year, we presented The Legend …

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Open Day – Tirai 2017

Showcase – Tirai (13th Jan 2017) The children have worked hard and diligently throughout 2016, culminating in a poignant and meaningful showcase held for the first time at the KuAsh Theatre. The KuAsh Theatre was filled to the brim with parents, family, children, caretakers, guardians, sponsors, donor and stakeholder of the company. Open Day Open day was held on the …