Silat Tari approaches the traditional Malay self-defense art of Silat in a performative manner, focusing on the artistry and creativity of the movements rather than its potential in battle. However, Silat Tari is still a cornerstone of every Silat warrior’s arsenal, and is valued for its artistic and rhythmic approach to movement. From this performance art, students will learn body coordination as well the values of discipline, inner strength, and appreciation of the arts.


Who is the educator?

The instructor is Mohd Suhaimi Bin Mustafa, or better known by Pendekar Mat Ali. He has taught 7 types of Silat Tari, including Tari Riau, Tari Bugis Pahlawan, Tari Aceh, Tari Pahang, Tari Patani/Champa, Tari Jawa, Tari Minang, and Tari Rawo. Pendekar Mat Ali has appeared on many media publications such as magazines, radio stations, and TV programs, both as an ambassador for Silat and for his media brand: PENDEKAR. He has also collaborated with international and local artists to perform at venues and events such as the International Taekwondo Competition 2017 in Malacca.


Details of the programme:

Day: Thursday

Time: 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Fee: Sponsored by Yayasan Hasanah




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